Ceder Capital has acquired the majority of Viametrics AB (the “Company”) from Peter Skoglund. The goal is to work with management for continued expansion both in the Nordic region and internationally. The partnership gives Viametrics increased resources financially and operationally to further develop its product offering and thereby create greater customer value.

Viametrics was founded in 1994 and developed the first visitor counting system in Sweden. Today, the Company is present in 50 countries and is one of the world’s five largest companies in the market. The product and service offering has evolved to include analysis of customer behavior, which are sold to retail chains, shopping malls and real estate companies. The company was acquired by Peter Skoglund almost ten years ago and he has since grown it profitably. The company has a turnover of approximately SEK 60 million. Peter Skoglund will remain as CEO in Viametrics over the next year.

Peter Skoglund, former majority owner of Viametrics, comments “I am enthusiastic that management together with Ceder Capital can continue to develop Viametrics to take the company to the next level. We already have several world leading customers and I believe that we can increase our growth internationally. Together with our new owners, Viametrics can create new opportunities for employees, customers and partners.”

David Holm Ovrén, founder of Ceder Capital, comments “Retail chains and shopping centers have an increasing need to measure visitor statistics with high quality and take actions based on this data to increase their profitability. The Company has a strong position in this segment and has several new offerings coming out in the market, which we believe have a great potential. We look forward to working with management and continue developing Viametrics.”

For further information please contact:
Peter Skoglund, former majority owner and CEO of Viametrics AB, 0703 98 77 20
David Holm Ovrén, founding partner Ceder Capital, 0761 09 94 77

About Viametrics
Viametrics is a Swedish fast-growing technology and knowledge-based company, with HQ in Sävedalen, Gothenburg.
We provide companies and organizations with information that gives them in-depth knowledge of their customers’ behaviors. Our user-friendly analysis tool generates decision data that lead to cost savings, greater efficiencies and profitability-enhancing measures. Already in 1994, Viametrics developed the first people counter. Sweden’s strong development in mobile technology and IT provided excellent conditions for the company to develop. Subsequently, when Swedish retail trade companies were rapidly expanding stars on the international scene, we went with them, and installed equipment in city after city, and country after country. In one year, we count more people than the world’s population. More information is available at www.viametrics.com.

About Ceder Capital
CCP Investment AB (“Ceder Capital”) is a growth-oriented Swedish investment company that invests in high-quality small and medium- sized companies with positive cash flow. Typically companies have a potential where Ceder Capital together with its industrial advisors can actively contribute to strengthening companies while increasing the growth rate. We have strong interest in sectors where there are consolidation opportunities. Ceder Capital invests both as a majority and minority shareholder and preferably in partnership with existing owners, management and employees. More information is available at www.cedercapital.se.