Why People Counting?

Retail and shopping centre executives need analysis tools featuring reliable data to make informed decisions that increase sales and profitability.

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Public Areas

Public Areas

Demonstrate that activities reach the public and facilitate traffic, staffing and facility utilisation.

This Is How It Works



Our sensors are located in the entrance environment and they count the number of passages.

VIAMETRICS offers a wide range of sensors. The choice is guided by the customer needs and the installation environment.

Heat Sensor

The sensor detects people based on their heat signature and works in all lighting conditions. The counting range has approximately the same width as the installation height. Outdoor models are available.

Stereoscopic Sensors

Several of our sensors feature stereoscopic 3D technology, designed for different heights and counting areas. These sensors can not be used in darkness. This technology filters people based on their height. It detects how long they are staying in a specific area and generates heat maps. It is a more intelligent platform than the heat sensors, which makes it more future-proof and allows additional services to be added in the future. Outdoor models are available.

Communication Unit

Communication Unit

The visitor data gathered by the sensors is forwarded to our communication unit, which is always part of the installation. The unit acts as a router and sends the information to our cloud solution.

The units use the mobile network for reporting and do not depend on the customer’s network. This enables simple and quick installations regardless of the geographical location. All data is available online whenever you need it.

We offer two different communication units: CU and SCU. The choice depends on the requirements of the installation.

Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution

The visitor data reported by our systems around the globe is stored in our secure cloud solution. The system is automatically balanced to handle peaks. Backups are made daily to ensure that customers always have access to their data.

Analysis Tool (ViaWeb)

As a customer of VIAMETRICS you automatically gain access to our proprietary analysis tool ViaWeb. This simple and intuitive interface enables you to arrange and present your people counting in every conceivable way. You can also activate additional services to make the tool even more powerful.

ViaWeb is web-based and is available for you anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Data Export (ViaConnect)

Integrating the people counting in your existing BI system is possible via our data export service ViaConnect.

ViaConnect is a platform that can be connected to a number of BI systems. We can customize the delivery according to the demands of the customer’s organisation. After the integration, the number of visitors can be analysed together with other key figures in your BI system, such as sales, stock balance and the number of receipts.

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