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Compare Stores Easier with People Counting

Which stores perform best? Why? Where does marketing generate the highest revenue? What trends can you see?

All these questions can be answered with our analysis tool ViaWeb. You can easily compare stores over time or against each other, regardless of their geographical location.

Higher Conversion Boosts Profitability

Valuable information can be gained by identifying high performing stores and by analysing them closely. By studying the effect activities, campaigns and pilot projects have on the number of visitors, and combining this with the number of closed deals, you open up additional ways to increase the conversion.

The conversion is the key to any successful business. Our add-on service ViaWeb KPI makes it possible to analyse the conversion and all your other key figures.

We can easily adapt our solutions based on the needs and conditions of the customer.  The technology is scalable, and network is not a requirement.

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Why People Counting?

  • Find out how many visitors that became customers
  • Follow-up on campaigns and marketing activities
  • Compare how stores perform over time or against each other
  • Increase traffic, conversion and transaction amount
  • Differentiate children from adults
  • Ease staffing

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