ViaWeb Happy – An Easy Way of Gathering Customer Feedback

With ViaHappy you can easily create customer surveys and start improving your customer satisfaction right away.

ViaWeb Happy

Improve Your Customer Insight

Give your visitors the chance to participate in surveys and express their opinions. You will increase your knowledge of how the store or shopping centre is perceived by your visitors. At the same time, they feel part of improving your services.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction in a Mobile and Dynamic Way

With our ViaWeb Happy app, you can do surveys on a tablet, both stationary or walking around. Surveys are easily created and displayed in our web-based analysis tool ViaWeb. You are also able to control which surveys you present to the visitors. This makes ViaWeb Happy a mobile, dynamic and centralised solution for measuring customer satisfaction.

Work with the Results and Increase Customer Satisfaction

With ViaWeb Happy you get your customers feedback in no time. The overview of the results enables you to initiate appropriate actions to increase your customer satisfaction.

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