We are proud that Skandia Fastigheter has chosen to work with visitor numbers in real time.

Our visitors should feel safe when they come to our shopping centres. We are therefore counting our visitors in real time, says David Schongin, Senior Advisor at Skandia Fastigheter AB. By tracking the number of visits in real time, they monitor how many people are in the shopping centre and can actively prevent crowding and the spread of the virus.

When the pandemic took hold, Skandia Fastigheter started to analyse past statistics of visitor numbers and put the data to good use. It publishes information on its websites about visitor numbers at different times on weekdays. This helps visitors plan when it is best to visit.

Our real-time service, ViaMoment, monitors the number of visits in real time and alerts staff when numbers reach the given thresholds, allowing them to address the situation. ViaMoment provides Skandia Fastigheter with a valuable tool for looking after its visitors and thus preventing crowding.