We Provide Crucial Knowledge about Your Customers

VIAMETRICS is a Swedish technology and knowledge company. We offer information that provides companies and organisations with important knowledge of their customers’ behaviour. Our numbers and tools generate decisions that lead to cost savings, higher efficiency and actions for increased profitability.

VIAMETRICS – A Global Provider

In 1994, we installed our first system and today our systems are present in 50 countries. During a year, we count more visitors than there are people in the world. VIAMETRICS is one of the leading people counting providers in the world. We assist our customers on their home ground as well as in their ambition to expand around the globe.

Stable and Future-Proof Solutions

Our installations consist of stable systems that communicate securely with our cloud solution. VIAMETRICS develops all software in-house. This makes us efficient and our solutions will keep up with future developments within your business.

A True Partner

If our installations fail or the people counting numbers deviate, we are informed directly and can act accordingly.

Improve Your Business with the Right Numbers

By getting in-depth knowledge about your customers’ behaviour, you will discover strengths to multiply and weaknesses to eliminate. Count on increased profitability when VIAMETRICS supplies the people counting.

Your Advantages by Choosing Viametrics

  • More than 20 years of experience in people counting and data analytics
  • A variety of sensors, carefully chosen for each installation
  • Network not needed
  • The data is securely stored in the cloud, available anytime anywhere
  • Focus on accurate numbers, reliable deliveries and actionable data
  • You can choose to analyse the numbers in your BI system or in our analysis tool ViaWeb.
  • We are a total contractor for installation, operations, development and support
  • We install and perform service worldwide with certified staff
  • You can buy or rent our equipment – your choice!