Viametrics is setting up in Italy.
Viametrics, the visitor counter company, is now taking the next step in its international expansion.

A cooperation agreement has been signed with the Italian company Systema, which will market and install Viametrics’ visitor counters in Italian chain stores and shopping centres. “Italy, with its population of almost 60 million people, is a market that provides an excellent match for our technological solutions,” Export Manager Madeleine Olsen says.

In only a matter of years, the company has taken a position as market leader in Scandinavia and has installations in some 40 countries around the world.
Contare gli italiani

Napoli-based Systema holds a strategic market position in Italy; the company covers the growing North Italian market, the important region of Rome, and the southern part of the Italian mainland. Systema currently has some 20 technicians and sales reps and has been operating in the Italian market for just over 15 years. This means that they have a well-established customer base. They are now focusing even stronger on counting Italian shopping customers. Or contare gli italiani as they say in Italy.

Four billion visitor counts
Viametrics has a turnover of approximately SEK 55 million and it has established itself as the leading company for visitor counting in Scandinavia, both for large shopping centres and small shops. Its customers also include public institutions and outdoor markets. “Our strategy is to double our turnover and become a market leader on the European continent as well within five years,” Madeleine Olsen says. The secret of Viametrics’ success is the technology developed in-house, which makes installations extremely flexible and adaptable. Up to now, Viametrics’ visitor counters installed in more than 40 countries have counted a total of 4 billion people. Not bad for a relatively small company on Sweden’s west coast.

About Viametrics
Viametrics AB develops and markets GSM-based customer counters for chain stores and shopping centres. Viametrics currently has more than 6,000 systems in operation in approximately 40 countries around the globe. The primary market is the Nordic countries (mainly Sweden). Viametrics AB is a growth company, which is in an expansive phase with the purpose of establishing a comprehensive distribution network in Europe. Viametrics has an annual turnover of approximately SEK 60 million.

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