Sova bed warehouse new Viametrics customer

Viametrics has a new sleeping partner! The Sova bed chain has now had their eyes opened and installed Viametrics visitor counters. “We needed a supplier who understood our needs and was able to deliver all the metrics we were interested in”, says Emma Bergkvist, PR Manager of the company. Like most of our customers, Sova chose Viametrics systems to gain an understanding of visitor flow. “But also to measure transaction frequency and optimise staffing”, adds Emma Bergkvist. For Viametrics, the Sova chain is a core customer because it is possible to develop applications that meet their specific needs. “To be successful in the ever increasing competition between retail chains one must fully optimise one’s own resources and quickly adapt to changing customer needs. We can help with this”, says Niklas Andersson, Sales Manager at Viametrics.  

“We love measuring and analysing”
The first Sova store opened in Malmö in 1989. Today there are more than 40 stores across Sweden, from Malmö in the south to Luleå in the north. The intention is to have 55 stores within the next two years. With this policy of substantial expansion, constantly striving to be the customer’s first choice for beds and bedside equipment becomes essential. “We hope that the information provided by the Viametrics systems will help us in our efforts to give our customers the best possible service. We love measuring and analysing, and as such it is important to know and not assume or guess”, says Emma Bergkvist. 

”Viametrics listened and gave feedback”
What was it that made you chose Viametrics in a market with several competitors? “We looked at the others but Viametrics felt like the best option for us”, says Emma Bergkvist. For a supplier of equipment that affects important decisions it is crucial that one can accommodate and adapt products to the customer’s needs. “This has already been achieved very well. We are convinced that an understanding of our needs is vital. We have been clear about what we needed and Viametrics listened and gave positive feedback. We have also received quick responses with questions and service needs”, says Emma Bergkvist. 

We spend a third of our lives in bed!
Now on to what makes a good bed; something that every Viametrics customer needs for the next day at work. What are Emma Bergkvist’s thoughts? “It should be tailored to each individual’s body type. It must provide support and relief to the body, so that you really can rest and recover during the night. We spend a third of our lives in bed and waking up refreshed and ready for the next day is extremely important. Buying a bed is a big decision and therefore we have a wide range of beds to choose from, picked from the suppliers that we believe to be the market leaders. As well as staff who are specialists in matching the right person to the right bed”, she replies.

What sort of bed do you have?  
“I had always believed and thought that a firm bed was best for me. When I was deciding on a new bed two years ago, I tested lots of beds at one of our stores. In the end I bought one of the softest on the market!  Now I sleep like a princess. Now I sleep IN my bed instead of ON it. 

Remember that if you make your own bed you must lie in it!

Here are some tips for a good night’s sleep.
• Unwind fully before going to bed.
• Avoid working or watching television in the bedroom.
• Keep the bedroom quiet and dark.
• Do you lie there pondering? Write it down and deal with it the next day.
• Keep the bedroom cool.
• Exercise and fresh air are good for a good night’s sleep.