Chose Viametrics’ efficient multi-beam sensor curtain instead of manual head counts and cameras

Viametrics can add another 50 or more stores to its list of customers following an agreement with Jula and its expanding chain of stores in Sweden, Norway and Poland. Jula is keen to measure customer flows at its stores which are visited by almost 100,000 shoppers every day.

It sent out a number of requests for quotes for different visitor counter systems and tested several possible solutions including the use of thermal cameras. After discussions with Viametrics’ experts, it was decided that thermal cameras were not suitable for Jula’s stores. Instead, they opted for Viametrics’ multi-beam sensor curtain. “This system allows us to compare the number of visitors with the number of sales and obtain user statistics that indicate short-term and long-term trends,” explains Martin Hansson, Store Development Manager for Jula. Jula is a key customer for Viametrics. “We have considerable experience of chain stores. We offer versatile solutions.
We know which technical solution is best for the customer. And we know that in a highly-competitive sector like this, you need to keep track of when customers will be coming to ensure adequate staffing and also possibly adapt the range of products,” says Niklas Andersson, Sales Manager at Viametrics.

A day at work in a Jula store

Jula stores offer home improvers and professional tradesmen a range of 13,000 items. What does a normal day at work in a Jula store look like? “The tradesmen come in the morning to purchase what they need for their day’s work. An hour or two before lunch, business is sometimes slower, but it then picks up during the lunch hour when lots of DIY home owners come in to shop. The weather affects the number of shoppers and, I’m sorry to say, really good weather is not good for business,” says Martin Hansson.

Viametrics’ visitor counters in all Jula stores

In the past, Jula stores relied mainly on manual counting systems, but now more than half the stores have switched to Viametrics’ solution. Jula plans to have the system installed in all 54 of its stores. This will enable the company to monitor the number of visitors hour by hour if it wishes, establish peak times and low periods, which is important information to ensure appropriate staff coverage, and use the statistics for benchmarking purposes. Jula has introduced a new, state-of-the-art system at its stores in Karlstad and Kristianstad for categorising the products according to customer needs. Viametrics’ visitor counters enable the effects of this initiative to be monitored right from the start.

Tough market with strong competition

Jula is a family-owned company with its head office and central warehouse in the Swedish town of Skara. Annual sales total SEK 3.5 billion and the company employs some 1700 people. It operates in a tough market environment where competition is strong. “We focus on consultation and service in stores that are just the right size. Our strength is in helping professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike to quickly and easily find the solution they need. At an affordable price too,” says Martin Hansson. It is possible to keep prices low by purchasing in bulk directly from manufacturers without any middlemen and by having a range that is adapted to the needs of home owners, DIY home improvers, farmers and tradesmen.