Viametrics was pleased to announce the addition of another major customer to its portfolio in mid May. Its new customer, Kicks, is a store chain with some 170 stores across Sweden, Norway and Finland. Project Manager Johannes Anderklint says, “This is an extremely important contract and a significant customer”. Annelie Bergholm, Establishment Manager for Kicks in the Åhléns Group explains, “We know that the Viametrics visitor counter system is highly efficient so it wasn’t a difficult choice for us”. The contract includes hardware, installation and tuning.

A professional attitude
What were the reasons that made Kicks choose Viametrics? Annelie Bergholm explains, “There are many good-quality, rival systems in the market. Obviously, we considered quality and cost. We also took into account that Viametrics already was a provider to other companies in the Åhléns Group, delivering a consistently good experience. The Viametrics’ solution seemed to be the most appropriate. It is a good, simple system that is suited to our business needs. Furthermore, our contacts with the company have been very positive and we have received excellent feedback. Quite simply, Viametrics provides the service we require with a professional attitude”.

Important for campaigns and schedule planning
Raw data is sent from the stores to the head office and to each respective store with information that makes it possible to monitor customer flows divided into days and hours. These figures are then analysed by each store and its regional manager together. “The data is essential for planning campaigns and personnel time schedules,” explains Annelie Bergholm. “Before the Viametrics system was installed, we relied on manual systems with all their inefficiencies.”

More than twice the number of stores in five years
Kicks’ stores have Sweden’s widest range of make-up, fragrances, skin care and hair care products. Its customers are men and women interested in personal care and beauty. The store chain has expanded considerably in recent years and currently has some 170 outlets. “Our objective is to more than double the number of stores in the next five years, with 80 stores in Finland, 80 in Norway and 200 in Sweden,” she says.

We recommend a perfume called “Angel” created by Thierry Mugler and on sale at Kicks!
When asked which her favourite fragrance is, Annelie Bergholm answers “Angel”, a perfume for women by Thierry Mugler. I think we should take that as a recommendation, coming as it does from someone with inside-industry information!