Beauty care group Yves Rocher uses the flowery meadows outside the small village of La Gacilly in Brittany to produce 700 different skin care products sold in 1,500 shops in 90 countries all over the world. The Group has 20 shops in the Nordic and Baltic countries and Viametrics’ visitor counter systems will be installed in half of them. “We opted for Viametrics because of their technical solutions, positive recommendations and a good price, but also because of their attitude that all problems are solvable”, says Cecilia Thoft, Yves Rocher’s Field Manager. Niklas Andersson at Viametrics is happy with the cooperation with one of the largest beauty care chains in the world. “It is in this area that we are really strong. We are building a system which is tailored to the specific needs of the customer”, he says.

Inspiration from the plant kingdom
The unique thing about Yves Rocher is that everything takes place around the small village of La Gacilly in Brittany, from harvesting to sales. By being both a grower and a distributor, they get a unique position on the market. Everything started around 50 years ago and now the company has approximately 20,000 employees. Several of Yves Rocher’s products are ecologically certified and the only animal products that can be used in the product range are honey and beeswax. No animal testing is carried out and the company protects nature through measures such as the United Nations Environment Programme “Plant for the Planet” where they have undertaken to plant 50 million trees over the next few years. The Yves Rocher foundation awards the “Terre de femmes” prize to women who have done something exceptional for nature and humanity in 15 different countries. During the ten years the prize has existed, it has been awarded to almost 300 women. “In this way, we both demonstrate that we protect and care for nature and distinguish our main customer group – enterprising women. We want our staff to know that the company cares and that it stands for trustworthy commitment”, Cecilia Thoft says.

Recommendations, price and attitude seal Yves Rocher’s decision
Viametrics was recommended to Nordic Manager Cecilia Thoft, and their first meeting was at a trade fair in the Stockholm area where the company was requested to make a tender as one of several suppliers. “In addition to their good technical solutions, recommendations and price, the reason why we opted for Viametrics was also their attitude that all problems are solvable”, says Cecilia Thoft.

More key performance indicators, better staffing and faster information
Yves Rocher also opted for Viametrics’ visitor counter system because they wanted to get additional key performance indicators for their shop staff. For example, one interesting key performance indicator is the conversion rate, i.e. the ratio between the number of customers who come in to the shop and the number of customers who end their visit with a purchase and a receipt. Another area is the scheduling of staff, i.e. having the right staff level at the right time. “We should not be taking our lunch break during the lunch break of our customers, when they want to shop”, Cecilia Thoft says. Yves Rocher’s shops are in the process of a gradual transition to a new cash register system and yet another reason for their choice was that Viametrics’ solutions were compatible with that system. “We can now feed the figures directly into the system and get the results immediately. This is very valuable”, she says.

Which products is Yves Rocher most famous for, Cecilia? “That’s probably our skin care products; in particular, our face care products such as our Riche Crème. However, we are naturally also famous for having ecological products, not allowing animal testing and our active protection of nature.”


Yves Rocher’s new store concept was launched at the Sergelgatan store in the centre of Stockholm on 26 August. The previous day, journalists and photographers had jostled with Yves Rocher’s committed and proud staff during the press preview.


At Hötorget, Yves Rocher captured the interest of the inhabitants of Stockholm through promotional messages which were hard to miss.

The new store concept consists of a tempting product range with soft colour tones, a recessed ceiling for greater intimacy, and a somewhat smaller space combined with staff wearing France-inspired aprons. And Viametrics’ visitor counters at the entrance.